Vins announce the EV-01 electric sportsbike

The new Vins uses a Zero electric drivetrain and similar chassis and frame components to the Duecinquanta two-stroke sportsbike

Vins EV-01 electric motorcycle

VINS has announced its latest machine in the form of the EV-01 electric sports motorcycle. The bike is related to their Duecinquanta two-stroke machine we covered a few months back, although beneath the skin the two machines couldn’t be further removed!

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Where the Duecinquanta has a race-bred two-stroke, 250cc engine at its heart, the new EV-01 is powered by an all-electric powertrain, lifted from the already successful range of Zero electric motorcycles.

As with Vins’ other motorcycles, the EV-01 is decked out in lashings of carbon fibre, and features a stunning carbon fibre monocoque frame linking together top-spec chassis components including an innovative carbon fibre fork set up. Thanks to the wide-reaching use of exotic materials, the diminutive motorcycle boasts a kerb weight of just 170kg, a figure that not many other current electric motorcycles can match!

Performance figures for the bike are equally as good, with a 125mph top speed from the 70hp, 150Nm motor. There’s no mention of range, although it should be around the 80-100 miles you’ll get from a stock Zero DS. Vins do confirm that the bikes recharge times will be around 10hrs from a standard three-pin plug and 2.5hrs if you use the optional charge tank and a DC fast charger though.

For more information on the Vins EV-01 - click here.

Vins EV-01 spec


Zero motorcycle

Max capacity

=14 kWh

Max power

>70 hp (52kW)

Max torque

>150 Nm

Max speed

=125 mph


structural carbon fiber monocoque

Castor angle

23° adjustable

Front suspension

Double A-arm with monoshock absorber and carbon fiber fork

Rear suspension

Double actuation push-rod parallel with monoschock absorber; carbon fiber swingarm


Front 300 mm double disc with radial caliper, rear 220 mm single disc with single caliper


120/70 -17” - 160/60-17”


170 kg


1.380 mm

Power to weight ratio

=0,41 hp/kg

Charge time (standard)

9,8 hours (100%) - 9,3 hours (95%)

*With charge tank option

2,5 hours (100%) - 2 hours (95%)


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