Remembering Nicky Hayden in 10 magic moments

Nicky Hayden - who would have been 38 this year - may be gone but he is certainly not forgotten...

NICKY HAYDEN was a bright light in the world of motorcycle racing and as well as having the talent, drive and love of racing to secure AMA supersport and superbike championship victories, and a MotoGP title in 2006, he was also widely recognised as a thoroughly decent human being.

He will always be fondly remembered him as a humble, likeable and awesomely fast rider, a charming, funny and approachable man, with none of the ego you'd assoiate with a motorcycle racer at the top of his game.

Here are 10 video clips that perfectly capture some of the Kentucky Kid's essence and summarise him being passionate, funny, down to earth and a talented motorcycle racer.

10. Winning his first MotoGP race in front of home fans at Laguna Seca in 2005

9. At home in Kentucky

8. Being thoughful and charming as he presents a fan, who runs one of his favourite coffee shops, with a poster

7. At Willow Springs race track in the US, Nicky talks us through some of the Hondas he's ridden during his career

6. Nicky taking his first World Superbike victory at the 2016 Malaysian round, during race two at Sepang on the Honda Fireblade

5. Nicky's close connection to his roots and family is something that was crucial to his success in racing. In this video, he goes back to his roots by getting in some dirt track practice in his home town of Owensboro, Kentucky

4. Taking part in the ice bucket challenge

3. Nicky being charming during a Q&A session at the Red Bull Honda World Superbike launch earlier this year

2. Nicky Hayden's MotoGP champion profile

1. Remembering Nicky Hayden

Hayden took three wins and 28 podiums as a full-time MotoGP rider between 2003-2015, adding a World Superbike victory in 2016 before his tragic death while training on a bicycle near Misano in 2017.

A series of tributes for much-missed 2006 MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden took place during the 2019 Grand Prix of the Americas, at Circuit of The Americas.

Midday on Friday saw FIM President Jorge Viegas and Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta preside over a ceremony attended by Hayden's family and friends in which the Kentucky Kid's #69 was officially retired from the MotoGP class.

Later that day, the MotoGP paddock will join Hayden's family, friends and track marshals at the Turn 18 'Hayden Hill' grass berm, where Hayden's 2006 Championship-winning Repsol Honda was on display.


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Love the videos. I was once a fan of Hayden.

I'm a big fan of him too!

agreed with you

Funny! It made me think of a friend who got a business line of credit to buy motorbikes for his business in Detroit. He kind of had the same craziness that guy.

Love this man and this site

How could anyone really forget a guy like Hayden. There were of course so many more special memorable moments than 10, but these sure do help give us a solid picture of his life and how much he enjoyed it. Was a privilege to watch you race!
Kevin |

Impressive list of accomplishments by Nicky!
Thanks for sharing - is also a great place to check out!

It was very magic driver, but my favourite is Marquez!!

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It's pretty amazing what this guy has achieved. And funnily enough, we had a client come in from the automobile industry to do up his website again. Just thinking about the apt timing here!

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Definitely some magic moments.

He is indeed one of the most magical guys in this industry. I admire him so much. Thank you for sharing his success and the most memorable moments.

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At least he went out doing something he loved. Sucks for everyone he left behind. Reminds me of the whole Dale Earnhardt thing, only Dale died during a race.

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