Lucky KTM rider survives huge fall from cliff unscathed

An enduro motorcyclist loses control of his KTM on a rocky trail and tumbles down Schofield Pass cliff face. Rider OK.

Before we discuss exactly what went wrong in this frightening crash it’s worth mentioning that the very fortunate KTM rider is completely fine - minus a few bumps and scrapes. 

This enduro biker is on a tricky off-road ride tackling the Schofield Pass, Colorado, which eventually proves to be a step too far. Initially, he pauses at the foot of the sketchy trial, assessing it to do achievable. After proceeding around 30 meters, things start to get hella rocky with the rider handling it pretty well at first. 

Letting the bike buck and weave underneath him, he keeps the throttle constant and is making good progress right up until his flow is interrupted by a jagged and heavily slanted rock - jarring him abruptly to the right. After this, it would appear his rhythm was effected as he couldn't get back on course. Then disaster strikes @5:24 when a rut whips the bars from his hands and throws the bike towards the ominous cliff face. 

Knowing the jig is up the rider attempts to bail from his 4-stroke KTM, but it’s to no avail. He tumbles down the jagged cliff landing hard on a lower face, bouncing off, and then luckily striking the water. If he didn’t hit the water this would have been a very different story indeed. 

What can we learn from this accident? 

Before I start getting on my high-horse behind my keyboard, it’s worth mentioning this is a seriously challenging steep trail, made to look easier by the fish-eye lens which distorts the gradient. 

Initial assessment

When thinking about tackling a trail it’s best to constantly assess it as you ride up or down it. If it’s out of your comfort zone then consider turning around. 

Surface and Speed

Note how in the video the surface changes from loose stones to slanted/cambered solid rock. On these surfaces, the bike is going to be very tricky to control at high speeds - as you can see from the vid. Slowing down and taking a more deliberate route might be the better option. When in doubt don’t always power out.    

Cover the clutch…

Although it’s not clear if the rider was covering the clutch in the video it’s always advised when the going gets tough. With the clutch covered you can mitigate jerks of the throttle caused by the rough terrain, something which is lucky yet unlucky KTM rider discovered.


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