The Kenny Roberts electric (push) bike

Picycle gets KR branding, but why?

£5,800 - that's the cost of this KR limited edition Picycle.

So what is it? It's an innovative push-bike that's also got battery power (for those steep hills or trips home from the pub). Designed in San Francisco, you can tell the team behind it are into motorcycles too as their PR bumph is littered with motorcyclisms.

The standard Picycle costs £2,700 but the limited edition KR bike features lots of must-haves for any (and all) of the motorcycling hipsters with a soft-spot for electric push-bikes, includinga Rohloff Speed Hub, Carbon Drive Belt, Programmable Speed Control, improved efficiency regenerative braking system, 25% more low end torque and an impressive 45mph top speed.

For that kind of money, we'd want a saddle that doesn't look like it was stolen from your grandad's push-bike.

Cool, but pricey. See for more info.

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