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Developing your 'mental radar system' when riding in traffic - 5

5. In the zone

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 13/09/2017 - 16:26

Developing your 'mental radar system' when riding in traffic - 5

Okay, for much of a motorway commute, you might not be in this high state of mental tune. It takes effort of course – your brain uses more energy than any other organ, and you can't keep the effort up indefinitely. But you can crank it up and down as needed: if you're in a settled state of traffic, at a reasonable speed, you'll drift down a notch in terms of awareness. Then, when you get into town, your awareness levels will come back up again.

Recognising the different awareness requirements, and consciously changing them up or down, can again improve your internal riding 'software'. And this is the kind of thing that really experienced riders take for granted, after hundreds of thousands of miles on the road. So get out there and ride, too.

  • Alan Dowds is a motorcycle journalist of more than 20 years, a fast road and track rider and a force of nature through town traffic.



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