How to prepare for the MOT test - Step 4

Guarantee your bike will pass it's MOT with Whitham's guide

Posted: 24 November 2010
by James Whitham

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Step 4

General wear and tear is unavoidable, but spotting it in time before it causes a problem shouldn’t be. Check the condition of the chain and sprockets for wear – if the chain is slack, dry and rattling against the hooked teeth of a worn out sprocket you can expect a tick on the fail sheet. Likewise, you need to have a look at the brake pads to check that there’s at least 1mm of pad material visible, no signs of any fluid leakage from the callipers or master cylinders and that the flexi-hoses aren’t damaged, bulged or perished. Check the rear shock and fork stanchions too for any signs of a fluid leak.

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