Wrestling the Green Meanie

Mike 'Spike' Edwards guides the Kawasaki KR750 around Spa Francorchamps

Posted: 3 August 2010
by Robin Goodwin

A three cylinder, 750cc two-stroke contained in a double cradle, tubular frame with telescopic suspension made up the intimidating Kawasaki KR750, seen here ridden around the legendary Spa circuit.

Remembering the KR750, named the 'Green Meanie', TT winner Mick Grant said: "The KR750 was not as bad as what people thought it was. It had a nice spread, with enormous power and mid-range torque. The bike was more manageable in the later years in 1977 and 78. The biggest issue was with handling, the tyre technology was not there."

The bike ridden by Mike 'Spike' Edwards in the video belongs to Chris Wilson, you can read more about the KR750 and Chris' collection here.

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What a sound! What a bike! It's great to see & hear this bike so many years after its race track days... At 4-5K revs and you can just begin to hear the 'howl'...Mike is riding it very gently, but its still all there.

The road going 750 was truly a straight line 'open up to the stop carefully, now BRAKE, BRAKE, BRAKE!!! for the bend, gently does it & off we go skywards again opening it up'. Not a bike for novices, but the engine was the star.

2T triples are the poodles! Thanks for the treat!

Posted: 03/08/2010 at 16:17

Nice to see MIke behaving like a gentleman and protecting a £100k piece of pure, unadulterated two-smoke history. How nervous would you be, entrusted with this kind of responsibility?

Two fingers on the clutch! Hail seizure!

Sage pair of hands, an' all that...

Posted: 03/08/2010 at 21:22

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