R1 styling + Ferrari V8 x Lazareth

Mr Lazareth's not been taking his medication, again...

Posted: 4 November 2011
by Ben Cope

This mad concept isn't new, but it's recently come up for sale for around £170,000.

It was created by French special builders Lazareth and is called the Wazuma V8F. The firm already created the Wazuma R1, using a cross-plane R1 engine but with the V8F they slotted a 3-litre Ferrari V8 in (probably from a 328?). It runs the fuel-inection system from two R1s, a 6-speed sequential 'box from an E46 M3 and 315-section slicks on the rear..

Ok, so technically it's not even a trike, it's got four wheels so what is it doing here? Well, you can't say you don't fancy a quick spin, can you?

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