Motorcycle stereotypes. Which one are you?

I know of at least three people that fit one of these..

Posted: 18 August 2011
by Ben Cope

I love this cartoon from I think it's missing a couple of stereotypes though: The fully kitted up adventure rider with matching branded kit, an Arai Tour X and aluminium panniers with just one thing missing; the desert. Modern-Retro riders with the turn-up jeans, open face lid and man-bag and scooter riding city types with a an open-face Momo and a £1000 Versace suit for protection..

Do you fit any of the stereotypes above?

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nice :)

I'm the adventure bike rider. "I'm really a commuter but if there's a rally on the way..."

Posted: 18/08/2011 at 12:13

I'm the first one, naked bike all the way...

I would look much cooler if I didn't have to wear more armour than a medieval knight to fend off people in idiot boxes...

Posted: 18/08/2011 at 16:35

Trackday biker:

Because golf is for pussies

Posted: 19/08/2011 at 01:37

holy heck, i love nachos. spot on.

Posted: 19/08/2011 at 03:47

Even more important, the seating position:

Posted: 19/08/2011 at 14:36

h h
1. 20 something old ujm semi cafe racer dome helmet goggled art of urban life hipster
2. 50 something old ujm greying bureaucrat commuter
3. 30/40 something flannel shirt ancient goldwing with every light imaginable
4. 40/50 something sportbike full leathers I will show these kids how it's done

Posted: 25/08/2011 at 06:42

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