Honda CBR250R top speed run

Onboard Honda's baby sportsbike chasing velocity max...

Posted: 24 April 2011
by Ben Cope

The Cope Law states that: the capacity of the bike you're riding is inversely proportional to your chances of a crash.

Never was it more true than on the launch of Honda's CBR125R and CBR250R where a handful of UK journos were riding elbow to elbow for a couple of hours, with laughter flowing from everyone's lid as we all took turns to back in to roundabouts, burnout through town and wheelie from the lights..

This video shows me chasing Trevor Franklin of MCN fame on a top speed run. Just look at the speeds we overtake our marshall.. staggering!

A tame video comapred to the rest of the antics on the CBR250R launch. I might upload another video of the town riding if the demand's there...

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I want to see the town riding video!

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 10:12

I just bought the Honda CBR250R. The top speed just 160km/ph at 9000rpm.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 06:25

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