Enterprising old Spaniard makes good use of step-thru moped

But he's still a miserable git

Posted: 24 September 2010
by Tim Skilton

I SPOTTED this enterprising but miserable old sod, along with his modified two-stroke step-thru 'ped, while on a recent Stag weekend in Madrid

He was parked up directly outside the hotel, sharpening knives with a grinding wheel, driven from the 'peds motor by a belt.

Apparently, he can be seen plying his trade most of the city's hotels and restaurants.

Moments after this photo was taken, I closed in for a better shot of him in action and was told, in Spanish, to do one.

Perhaps his family originate from Gibraltar?

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Hi Tim, this is a typical job in Spain from years ago but now are less people. They are called "afiladores" o "afilador" in singular so he's nothing strange... They play a special song which is feature of them.

Greetings from Spain

Posted: 25/09/2010 at 22:21

Talkback: Enterprising old Spaniard makes good use of step-thru moped

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