Ducati never made an 848R

But if they did, it might look a little like this..

Posted: 22 December 2011
by Ben Cope

There never was an 848R, or S or SP. Ducati just made the 848 and then tweaked it by adding Brembo monobloc brakes and a slightly more powerful motor to produce the 848 EVO.

The owner of this 848 has really gone to town, billing his bike as an 848R. It's a really good effort and if you want a stand-out bike then this is a contender.

It has been fitted with BST wheels, a full Termi system, Ohlins TTX rear shock and Ohlins front forks - including the more powerful Brembo monobloc brakes, a quickshifter, traction control and a Corse dry slipper clutch. There's also a whole host of other features which really highlight how much money has been thrown at the bike.

The engine remains standard - and having raced an 848 this year, I know that 848s benefit from having their cam-timing properly setup - so that's about the only thing I'd do to the bike other than paint it matt-black.

It's up for £10,000, which might sound like a lot for a 2009 848, but with everything that comes with it, you'll struggle to find a better trackbike.

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False, Ducati North America created a limited number of "848R"'s. They look almost identical to the 1098R including the white front and rear fairings with gold magnesium marchesini wheels. They are available for $38,900.

Posted: 26/12/2011 at 03:05

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