'62' plates tomorrow

What words can you make?

Posted: 31 August 2012
by Visordown

It's a Friday afternoon. September starts tomorrow and brings a new set of '62'-plate registrations. So what better way to avoid work than trying to come up with words you could have if you're lucky enough to have a new bike (or car, for that matter) on its way.

Fortunately the DVLA has its own tool to help and if you're serious you can buy the plate there and then.

While '62' doesn't make letters as easily as some number combinations, if you squint a bit you can persuade yourself that, in numberplate font, a 6 looks a bit like a G, or even a B or an O (particularly with a strategically-placed numberplate screw), while 2 can be fairly easily construed as an L or an R.

Oh, and remember, no Zs, Qs or Is are allowed.

So far, we've come up with a handful: VA62ANT (VAGRANT) would cost £799 according to the DVLA site, or perhaps JO62ESS (JOBLESS) would be an alternative, at the same price. A plumber might like UN62OCK (UNBLOCK), while BO62OLL (BOG ROLL) is only £399.

None fit too well on a two-deck bike numberplate, though. Can you come up with something better?

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