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The ultimate buyer’s guide to the GSX-R1000 written by the people who actually own the bike...

Posted: 18 October 2010
by Visordown
2001 Original model launched: The 2001 K1 and 2002 K2 are still serious pieces of kit. It was the best sports bike in its day with the most powerful engine too. It’s physically larger than the GSX-Rs that followed and that’s an advantage for bigger riders. Add in a gel saddle as standard and a reasonable fairing and it’s a world beating sports bike you can tour on too. Despite less torque and more weight the K1 and K2 typically beat the later bikes in top gear roll ons due to lower overall gearing.

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GSX-R1000 owners may have a reputation as being two wheel hooligans but plenty still found the time to fill in the on-line questionnaire and speak to us on the phone to tell us about their bikes. That’s what the Buyer Guide is all about – getting the nitty gritty on what bikes are like to live with in the real world. Anyone who thinks GSX-R1000s are just track bikes are in for a shock. Okay, it’s been top dog in the big sports bike category since it was launched in 2001 but it’s actually quite a comfy, practical bike as well.

The big ‘Gixxer’ (urgh!) has been wowing owners for seven years now and regular updates mean it can still boss the race track as well as the road. The original 2001 K1 version stood out for having a monster motor – massive midrange and top-end too as well as excellent handling. The 2003 K3 update had an even more precise, light weight feel while the heavily modified 2005 K5 is still thought by some to be the best sports bike you can buy. Which is quite a discovery.

The latest K7 and K8 models are heavier due to emission regulations but they’re still awesome tools, loaded with the latest track derived electronics. We’ve gathered information from owners, spoken to mechanics, importers and other experts to bring you the low down on what these awesome machines are really like to live with, day to day.

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Suzuki GSX-R1000 Specifications


Engine 988cc, liquid cooled, dohc, 16-valve, in-line four Power 143bhp @ 10,500rpm Top speed 176mph
Torque 76ftlb @ 8,200rpm Dry weight 170kg Seat height 830mm Fuel capacity 18 litres


Engine 988cc, liquid cooled, dohc, 16-valve, in-line four Power 164bhp @ 11,300rpm Top speed 184mph
Torque 80ftlb @ 8,400rpm Dry weight 168kg Seat height 830mm Fuel capacity 18 litres


Engine 988cc, liquid cooled, dohc, 16-valve, in-line four Power 175bhp @ 11,200rpm Top speed 186mph
Torque 87ftlb @ 8,500rpm Dry weight 166kg Seat height 830mm Fuel capacity 18 litres


Engine 988cc, liquid cooled, dohc, 16-valve, in-line four Power 185bhp @ 12,000rpm Top speed 186mph
Torque 83ftlb @ 10,000rpm Dry weight 172kg Seat height 810mm Fuel capacity 18 litres

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