Road Test: MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini

The latest and most exclusive bike in the F4 series is available - if you've got £30,000 to spare.

Posted: 27 April 2008
by Visordown

The fresh-off-the-production line MV Agusta I'm sitting on is special even by the standards of limited-edition, £30,000 superbikes. The last three digits of the frame number were 012, signifying this was the 12th of the 300 F4 1000 Tamburinis MV is building.

And it so happens that '12' is Claudio Castiglioni's lucky number. Yep, this is the Prez's personal bike. Better not do anything stupid...

There was no doubt about who would end up with the very first off the production line. Massimo Tamburini's exploits have made him a legendary figure, so it's fitting that his name should grace this most glamorous and advanced of F4 derivatives.

Its red-and-black shape is almost identical to that of the original F4, yet somehow the Tamburini machine manages to look every bit as delectable as the original radial-valve four did eight years ago. The jagged pattern of lacquered carbon-fibre weave visible hints this bike is far more special than the F4 1000S with which MV belatedly entered the open-class sports bike market last year.

Tamburini's genius is in his eye for detail, so it's appropriate that this MV has been finished to an even higher level than its predecessors. From the reworked ducts in the fairing, via the red suede seat cover to the beautifully machined, adjustable footrests, the MV is one of those rare bikes that would make even cleaning brake dust and dead flies from it a positive pleasure.

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