2009 BMW K1300S launch report review

BMW is taking the fight to the Japanese hypertouring behemoths. The K1300S brings a touch of European class to the party

Posted: 31 March 2010
by John Hogan

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The K1300S doesn’t need to cover as many bases as the R model to succeed in the market it’s intended for. Competition in the hypertourer league is limited to the Suzuki Hayabusa and the Kawasaki ZZR1400, both of which have a long line of evolution, sales success and loyal followers. The new K1300S is more than up to the job of competing with them.

The S model forms the basis for the R incarnation. It has the same 1293cc liquid-cooled inline four, but for some reason you get an extra two horses, pushing peak power to an extremely healthy 175bhp. As with the R you have the option of having the quickshifter, the ASC, ESA, the heated grips and the 2D WSB spec instrument panel. Basically, this bike comes with everything you need to make smashing high mileage at high speed as easy as possible.

Looks-wise, the S is more reserved than the competition, some might even say it’s bland. I wouldn’t argue. But at the same time, if looks are at the top of your list then you should probably just stop reading this and skip to Niall’s R1 review instead.

BMW have worked hard with mass centralisation principles to make the bike’s not inconsiderable 254KG (with fuel) seem like a manageable weight. By tilting the engine forward slightly and fitting a dry-sump oil supply BMW have been able to make the engine sit around six cm lower than a conventional unit. Combine this with a cassette-type gearbox that makes changing ratios easier and is lower in weight than a conventional gearbox and you’ve got a power unit that is as low and light as possible.

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Great Bike! We are now getting two for the price of one. A economical open road tourer plus a sports bike with excellent roadholding capabilities. Well done BMW.

Posted: 17/12/2011 at 21:03

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