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Reviewed: 15 February 2012

A nutters bike for everyday use.

Hydraulic Clutch
Lockable seat & good lights(for ex-610 owners!)
Low down grunt and acceleration.
Smiles per miles are more than most bikes, and you don't need to go fast!
Servicing costs
Tyres (you'll get through em unless you use Pilot Road 3's)
Long distances slightly sacrificed (though very possible)
The Clutch is the biggest winner with the 630, it's so light and smooth i've forgotten the woes I endured with the 610's. The power is delivered a little differently, but 40mph clutch up's are easily possible, where as doing the same thing on the 610 was a scary affair. The bike as a whole feels better put together, having a lockable seat is great for example. That headlight, well it works incredibly well, and I kinda like it, though at first I wasn't so sure on the looks. Obviously the bike needs the power up kit as much as any other 610, though probably more so than the 610's. If you buy brand new, make sure to have that lambda sensor plugged. The engine isn't great with it in. Overall I can't think of any cons against the 610, only pro's, even the seats more comfy. The difference isn't huge but the dual exhaust's look and sound better in my opinion, the brakes are pretty much the same. The front headlight is now proper, the rear lights are led which means less worrying about the bulb having blown. The clutch - mindblowingly light and easy to live with. Fit the bike with some Pilot Road 3's for the best of both world's of grip and longevity and your set for a truely awesome bike that shouldn't cost you that much save the servicing which can be dear. Overall it's a complete animal and i'd reccomend it too anyone.
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There are 1 reader reviews
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