CBR929RR Fireblade (2000 - 2001) review

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By Visordown on Mon, 20 Sep 2010 - 12:09

£ 8624
It steers really fast too, and feels light, compact and aggressive
Top chassis and excellent engine.
Needs a bit more power.

FireBlade TT Opinion: John McGuinness

I like the FireBlade, like the softer power delivery that's dead usable and linear. It steers really fast too, and feels light, compact and aggressive where the others felt more like armchairs.

The brakes are stunning, and with the sharp steering meant that trailing the brakes deep into a corner while banked right over was never a problem. This surprised me because most of the roadbikes I've ever ridden don't really do that the way a proper racebike does.

It does feel a bit nervous up front though, and shakes its head over the 130mph-plus bumpy sections of the course. But then there's always a trade-off between fast steering and stability in an all-round package which is the compromise you're always looking for when setting bikes up for the TT circuit. A damper would sort it, without doubt.

As a genuine, useable roadbike it's pretty impressive really. I mean to dive straight on and get stuck in the way we did, especially over The Mountain where we really weren't hanging about was amazing and it did everything that was asked of it. Not bad for a bike you can buy in the shops with mirrors, lights and even a pillion seat is it?

It did feel slightly underpowered compared to the others at times, but I still saw 170mph and above on the straight down from the Creg to Brandish. That's pretty daft for a roadbike and how much more can you actually use in reality? Not sure really... but the yellow paint makes it look fast even when it's going nowhere. Definitely looks a load better now.

The Blade's an awesome wheelie bike too - just sit back in the saddle and let the motor pull through first and up she comes as the midrange turns to top-end. Then keep chucking gears at it as long as you like and the front wheel will hover three feet in the air forever. Or at least until the next corner comes up, eh?

John's suspension settings for the Honda FireBlade
Rear: Two more clicks of compression from standard, and an extra full turn of preload
Front: Drop yokes 2mm, leave settings standard

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