Honda CBR400RR NC29 (1990-1991)

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Reviewed: 22 February 2011

Have owned one of these gems for a number of yrs now, Just returned from South Africa where I raced it AWESOME

Perfect little rev hungry engine, gear driven cams, progressive strong power delivery once you have 6000/7000 rpm showing. Handles like a 250 in the corners and twisties with a little foot peg input.
Build quality is good mine still has original body work and turns heads. Strip the body work off and stand it next to a 1992 Fireblade and they are identical in engine/frame layout. Just completed 3 tracks in the South Africa TT 2011 where it held it's head high. Time to bring these Pocket Rockets back Mr Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki and Yamaha
Err....... 35 watt headlights as standard :-) 18" rear wheel for tyre selection ( although BT 090 SS did a brill job on the track in 30 degress of heat ) Lack of front fork adjustment spacers and thicker oil does help......
Owned for 16 yrs as a road bike for a light weight midget like me 5'-8" 13 stone returns excellent MPG and legal-(ish) performance.
Strip it down put a race fairing on it and go play with(annoy) the big boys in the corners
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There are 1 reader reviews
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