Honda CBR400RR NC29 (1990-1991)

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Honda CBR400RR NC29 (1990-1991)

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Owned for 16 yrs as a road bike for a light weight midget like me 5'-8" 13 stone returns excellent MPG and legal-(ish) performance.
Strip it down put a race fairing on it and go play with(annoy) the big boys i Continue reading...


These bikes were made for the Japanese market and brought into this country in the 90's via the grey market, they were so advanced over anything the UK had so they were bought in droves.

 The NC29 is a proper sportsbike just shrunk down slightly, one for the shorter person perhaps but many 6fters and ladies seem attracted to its stunning looks, especially in its later FireBlade colours. Myself, Im of the shorter group but luckily it was the bike that I wanted due to its looks, its just a happy coincidence it fits my short legs. It feels wide and low with the rider sitting in the bike unlike the ass in the air of modern sportsbikes, its very comfortable for me and im only 5ft but a friend who is 5'7" reckons it feels nice and just his size.

 Its fast enough for todays roads If needed it can cruise all day at higher speeds than the Uks national speed limit with ease. It is of course better off the motorways and really excels on those B roads and with a competent rider can still worry some modern 600s.You may have to get used to the higher revving needed to keep the bike spinning but the bike seems to thrive on revs anyway.

The NC29 is getting on now with some being 20 years old so finding a decreasing number of good mint bikes is becoming harder but a lot of owners seem fanatical keeping on top of any problems so a good bike is never that far away. Upgrades normally include stainless down pipes and cans,

The biggest problems are as usual with Honda from that period, the electrics can be a bit weak the main culprit being the regulator/rectifier, also suspension even from new was not really meant for the slightly larger Brit, so most could benefit from a front suspension spring/rear shock upgrade.  Tyres and consumables are still easy to get but some parts such as the bodywork are becoming increasingly hard to find although you could buy the cheaper Chinese versions online if quality is not your major concern or buy and recondition some tatty originals from ebay. Aftermarket paint jobs help to brighten dulling paintwork and perhaps hide the odd crack or ding, that may not be bad but as usual if you can find a good un with original paint its got to be better, right?

 Don't dismiss these bikes because of their age as they are still pocket rockets with lots of fun and in the right hands will see many more years of use. If your a young lad, believe me they are babe magnets!

 Finally, what came first, the Blade or the BabyBlade?

Posted: 06/11/2010 at 01:33

    The "babyblade" superceded its bigger brother by quite a stretch as the "fireblades" didn't come along until a while later.  The biggest issue with them being a "grey" is the speed restrictions that kicks in at around 112mph (180kph) due to japanese law but this can be easily overcome with aftermarket add ons .

   There is still a huge quantity of parts available for the bikes and a lot of custom aftermarket parts too it you look around, and yes you are quite right these bikes will keep up with a lot of modern sports bikes , the 0-60 for instance is around 4 seconds which is plenty fast enough for todays roads .

Posted: 26/11/2010 at 16:18

Hey Tazborn, just noticed you say the nc29 has an 18" back wheel. This is wrong, as standard they came with 17". Maybe your thinking of the nc23?

Posted: 20/06/2011 at 03:31

Hey Mr westone "Sir"

  Your so so right here is me getting all muddled with mi NC23's and NC 29's being a stuffie bug*er that has both and a RVF400 Nc 35 my old grey matter lost the plot.......  18" NC23    17" NC29

Posted: 21/12/2011 at 00:59

Hello there im a real big fan of the nc range ever since i was a kid i dreamed of having one for some reason they are the bikes i love i think i saw the first on a poster an that was it an instant attraction. IM going to buy my first so called big bike its certainly an upgrade from my yamaha t80. Ive managed to find a nice k reg cbr 400 however i think the bike has a custom paint job on it as its jet black an says sweet down the side. Has anyone ever heard of the brand sweet or them having any involvement with honda or ncs  as i have not or maybe this is just to hide previous damage perhaps. the bike is really clean an ive done the usual checks for frame damage an wheel lining so i think im going to buy in the next couple of weeks or so

Posted: 21/12/2011 at 23:57

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Great styling, cheap cost
Get a 600, they are faster and as cheap.
  • Year: 1990 - 1991
  • Top speed: 135mph
  • Engine capacity: 399cc
  • Power: 56bhp
  • Weight: 171kg

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