Triumph Street Triple (2007 - 2011)

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Triumph Street Triple (2007 - 2011)
It's not very often that I get to ride a bike I genuinely can't find anything to moan about, but that's the case with the Street Triple, it honestly is that good

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Reviewed: 25 June 2009 by Visordown
I've been waiting to ride Triumph's Street Triple for about two years, ever since the Daytona 675 was launched. When I first saw that bike I emailed the guys at Triumph and asked if I could get one of them, strip its fairing off and fit a set of Speed ...  Continue reading


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Mega fun bike to ride. Pity it was so uncomfortable on afternoon rides 350miles plus. Dealer servicing prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Problem with mapping was extremely annoying as "no fault code could be found"(dea Continue reading...
It can do anything, sounds fantastic (especially with aftermarket cans), feels solid, handles fantastically, looks great and I will probably only change it when I just fancy trying something new - but until tha Continue reading...
KTM didn't do it for me not being able to switch TC on the Fly. V4 APRC wasn't fared enough to use its speed.
I sought of thought Z1000SR for touring and a 1200s for street but not sure if the kwacker is spor Continue reading...
After deciding sports bikes didn't really do it for me any more I was in the market for a stripped down flat bar upright smile inspirer. I tried the Tuono, I tried the Speed Triple, I tried the BMW R800, the Ho Continue reading...
One of the best naked bikes out there in handling and in tight corners. It has an amazing engine that pulls strong 4000rpm all the way to 12000rpm, its has great elasticity and awesome sound!! You can commute t Continue reading...


The engine sounds as if it is EXACTLY what I'd like to I need some kind of decent screen 'stiff neck' protection?

It also seems I would need to change the seat if I ride for more than a couple of hours a day on it?

Posted: 06/11/2009 at 15:24

I have the Street Triple R (2009) and after the BoxerCup rep I expected it to feel gutless, I was totally wrong this is a very surprising bike for the engine size.

The handing felt a sloppy when I first ride it but the factory suspension setting were way off, front was okay but the rear had 52mm of rider sag plus the preload and rebound were both set to 8 clicks out, a bit too soft for me but easy to adjust, now around 38mm 6/8 and feels a lot better.

Tyre seems to have squared off quickly (qualifier IIs) but it has been the winter and not many dry roads, saying that it does inspire confidence and have scraped my boots on both sides. In the wet I have found the tyres excellent, just not sure how long they will last.

Get quite a wind blast at or above 75, so won't please everyone. I have the front fly screen for looks more than wind protection. Really like the Arrow 3into1 but it’s expensive and not road legal so cannot make my mind up. Also find it a difficult bike to keep clean, lots of fiddly bits.

The good bits, the riding position and wide bars make twisties an absolute blast, also good for the daily commute too as its very easy to ride slow in any gear, with a surprisingly clean pull even in 5th or 6th. Give it the beans and once it passes around 8k it's rushes in like pressing the hyperspace button, revs very freely and the sound is a bit addictive so you need a bit of will power to keep within the legal limit. As far as wheelies go I'm still getting a feel for it, pulls straight up in 1st and you can travel a reasonable distance but I've not mastered to clutch it up in 2nd yet (me not the bike)

Gets around 130 mile before the reserve light comes on but I've been over 150 before filling up again so it's a good range. The strangest thing is I've become very proud to own a Triumph (last one I had was 1977) but I do think the European bikes have much more style (sorry jap owners) it's my personal opinion.

Definitely a good buy for me and I'll keep it for a couple of years.

Posted: 01/04/2010 at 20:10

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Need to know

Stunning bike that is worth so much more than its price tag. Awesome.
  • Price: £5349.00
  • Year: from 2007
  • Top speed: 135mph
  • Price new: 5349
  • Engine capacity: 675cc
  • Power: 107bhp
  • Torque: 51lb ft
  • Weight: 167kg
  • 0-60: 3.7 seconds

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