Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit (1996 - 2007)

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Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit (1996 - 2007)

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Reviewed: by Visordown
Unlike tank tops, flares, centre partings and Suzuki Bandits, wheelies never go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter how much you claim to hate them, you can’t help but envy someone who can wheelie – particularly if you can’t. If Suzuki’s Bandit isn’t encouragement enough then we don’t know what ...  Continue reading


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Best all-around streetbike every made.. simple, bulletproof, manageable... affordable. Doll 'er up and you'll find a GEM coming through the tissue paper.
Japan needs to wake up and bring back Muscle Simplicit Continue reading...
Bought my 03 1200s in 08. Impressed with how quick she was for a big girl, gave the sports bike riders a shock lol. Changed the front sprocket and put an supermarket can on her and she's now using all the revs Continue reading...
Big Bang for your Buck and disproves evolution of the species.
Smile Power. Continue reading...
It,s all there ripe for modifications the sky and your imaginations the only limit! Continue reading...
The old gixxer oil cooled engine is rather "mechanical sounding" when running and it is getting long in the tooth now, but the new versions of liquid cooled ones dont seem to be worlds better,what gives? It wou Continue reading...


With all due respect can we have a little more detail to the review please?  3.5 stars isn't great but as far as I can tell from teh review it simply doesn't do wheelies?

Posted: 28/03/2010 at 21:35

Sorry 'does do wheelies but little else'.

My bad!

Posted: 28/03/2010 at 21:36

Having owned 2 1200 Bandits, first a 2000 W reg naked then a 2004 S with the half fairing I have to say Suzuki made a great bike, shame they went and spoiled the thing by turning it into a water cooled bag of shite just to comply with some bloody EU emissions regs. F***ing EU wankers.

Posted: 19/10/2012 at 10:31

Love the Sacs engine, its simply constructed with screw valve adjusters and can take abuse beyond what many others can handle and still perform well. Stock its very cold blooded and creates a lot of fuss to wake it up, again thats easily solved by some simple carb alterations. Beef up the stock clutch as its got some issues with the rather weak diaphram springs.

So how does it tour, well I've racked up quite a few serious miles on two of my Bandits and would not complain. Either on the flat or in the mountains the broad torque spread of the motor makes the Bandit a joy to cruise along on, I wish it had a sixth gear, not simply an overdrive but more of a slightly higher ratio to fifth. The engine can tolerate some gearing up to compensate for the lack of fifth, being its very torquey.

Looking more like a loaded pack mule with soft side panier bags and camping duffles across the rear of the seat, the rear side portions and top of the bike in this state are hidden from view. With added weight you will need some progressive springs up front and a better shock out back if you are touring packed or into serious riding. The bike tends to pogo with weight or as speeds climb due to too a generally softly sprung suspension. Mpg figures are not bad and considering its not EFI I can live with the more than reasonable numbers I see on the trip meter during refills.

The present 1250 for all its bells and whistles does nothing above the Sacs motor bikes other than offer the sixth gear. All that redesign work to be compliant to new regs and its really no better than the original Mk1 version is a ripoff at a calculated three times the cost. Now then, how about some more wheelies.

Posted: 24/10/2013 at 14:14

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Need to know

Smooth power delivery, great gearbox
Dated, soggy
  • Price: £5549.00
  • Year: 1996 - 2007
  • Engine capacity: 1157cc
  • Power: 100bhp
  • Torque: 68lb ft
  • Weight: 215kg

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