Moto Guzzi Bellagio

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Reviewed: 27 November 2010

A Harley beater with Italian style and real world ability to pose, tour or burn up the back lanes. A real bike

Style - this bike looks great. Engine - whilst not the smoothest beast compared to modern in-line fours or a tasty Brit triple, it has oodles of power and character and has an extra blast at the top end which has you clinging on to the wide bars, and is great for getting past the traffic. Shaft drive - has to be a bonus, saves you hours of fiddling with a chain. Speed - it's a cruiser in style but a lot more in reality. For the UK this is a rare bike and so you get that feeling of exclusivity for a much cheaper price than an Augusta (who am I kidding?). Touring - surprisingly good with screen.
Below 2mph you get to hold the full weight, which disappears as soon as you get above walking pace, this does make it hard in car parks. The Guzzi engine cylinders heat the knees in the summer (great in winter and I have ridden it in snow). The SPEEDO was made for Sicily I think as it doesn't like the rain very much and will often read zero (not too handy for your licence) and now on my second (speedo that is). The suspension is not suited to off road riding (yes I have taken it off road and across fields with full camping gear and it was superb).
I have ridden this bike in rain, snow, wind, very hot sun and normal UK weather. I fitted the Motoguzzi screen and a HepcoBecker rear rack for camping gear. The Bellagio has happily taken both my son and wife as pillions for many miles. I would say it is best suited to cruising round the back roads with the odd A-road blast to pump your adrenaline. It will easily do motorways at a steady 90 mph and above (or so someone told me). I have taken it down rocky footpaths and through fields and you just stand on the pegs and hope. When you have a spare hour you can push this bike and forget you are not on a much more focussed machine, which I suppose is the key attraction of the Bellagio, it is a proper motorcycle with character and flaws and bits to love. With the current prices the Bellagio will be mine for a long time and has a lot of potential to play with (see F-Bike or Corsa Italia for customs). The pillion seat slopes backwards and puts fear into your back seaters, so I keep the Top Box on for pillions. The big tank is a brilliant platform for a magnetic tank bag and away you go. Because of the style the Police leave you alone, not realising this bike can fly. Why did I buy it, because I wanted a Harley but the difference in quality was too great. I love it and the only reason I am not on it today is because the roads of Norfolk are covered in snow. Ride safe and please remember the bikers nod, when I was 19 and soaking wet on a 100cc Kawasaki it made the difference.
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