Honda NC700D Integra (2011 - present)

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Honda NC700D Integra (2011 - present)
Great scooter-motorcycle compromise


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This is a great bike for those who commute in city and motorway / dual carriageway traffic. If you're looking for a bit of "oomph", then flick it into sport mode and away you go. Had this for around 1 year an Continue reading...
I have owned mine for 3 weeks and am very happy with it. Test drove the Yamaha Tmax before making my decision - but Yamaha are not importing the 2013 530 cc model into Australia and the 2011 model has become ol Continue reading...
I bought this to replace a Suzuki 650 burgman which was getting a bit tired around the edges. I had difficulty lifting the burger after a low speed nudge and needed help..been a biker since 1962 so know the bes Continue reading...
At present I ride a honda deauville 700cc,my main concern is the centre of gravity is to high, especially someone who suffers from Ducks dezeze (bottom to close to the floor), as the spec for these two bikes is Continue reading...
I've had a couple of days with the Integra now. My first response was exciting & different, but the second day there were several niggles that actually started to annoy me. Yes the gearbox is amazing, but you a Continue reading...


Why have they called this the same name as an old Honda car ?

Posted: 07/11/2011 at 20:31

Interesting PTW. Honda are going back to what they used to do. Push the boundary's of motorcycle design and expectations and then suddenly everyone starts copying them. Classics being original CB750 superbike, CX500, Fireblade. I would actually say they may have a winner here depending on price. I believe this has the new low reving parallel twin engine they have designed based on customer use capable of returning 75mpg (still not enough for me. My Honda CD200T did 100+ mpg 30 years ago). As a commuter I used to use 250-500cc bikes but they are so few and far between it is unbelievable. Getting to and from London to Dunstable each day I now use what was a low mileage second hand Honda Deauville. Nice bike does a good job but is heavy and doesn't come with a full fairing but is able to return 60mpg. I often refer to it as a scooter with gears due to the full body work and shaft drive. My experience of a scooter (Piagio X9)  was nice performance but no engine braking, small wheels and nothing between my legs to grip. This could be Hondas money spinner for the 20+ mile commuter into towns and cities. Full fairing, body work between legs, gearbox, performance, large wheels and low centre of gravity for stability and economy. Add 400cc and 250cc versions and the commuter market will be sewn up.

Posted: 01/12/2011 at 19:23

 Hi i think most manufacturers missing the point .Lots of people would love a lightwieght commuter bike under[ 160kgs] with 90 mph /100mph performance .Easy handling , low seat 750mm maybe .Suzuki bringing out a 250cc bike but rumoured to be [180kgs ] wow too heavy .Honda nearer the mark with [ 160 kgs ]there 250cc offering what about a naked version honda ?.The manufacturer who will clean up in this sector ,will be KTM with the new 200cc duke [26 bhp] around 126kgs in wieght but seat hieght a bit tall 810mm i believe .Not all bikers want a pocket rocket,so come on bike manufacturers bring back the 200cc to 400cc market with some of todays technology incorporated .Not some heavywieght ,wheezy 250/350 with[20/26 bhp]whats wrong with 30bhp and lightwieght ?.

Posted: 26/12/2011 at 17:12

Not seen a integra in any honda showroom,when i asked in two honda dealerships,they both said the same cannot give one floorspace as a very low volume seller.Oops is this the new D.N.A Honda?Come too think of it not seen a new Honda Silverwing 600cc in dealers either whats going on Honda?

Posted: 03/06/2013 at 20:22

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The ease and the comfort of a scooter, with the ride of a motorcycle
You'll never convince anyone it's a motorcycle
  • Price: £7699.00
  • Year: from 2011
  • Top speed: 110mph
  • Price new: 7699
  • Engine capacity: 670cc
  • Power: 45bhp
  • Torque: 46lb ft
  • Weight: 238kg
  • 0-60: 5.2 seconds

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