Yamaha DT125R (1993 - 2007)

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Yamaha DT125R (1993 - 2007)


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I really love this bike! And it's so much fun to learn from it. Continue reading...
i love the bike for what it costs against the fun you have there is no other machine that puts a smile on your face like a DTR Continue reading...
The Yamaha DT125 is a basic motorcycle but that’s part of its charm,restricted learner motorcycles are fun but remove the restrictions when you pass your test and you’ll have a revvy and quick(for a 125)bike o Continue reading...


Just got a Yamaha dt125 re 2008 but cannot find a starter motor on eBay or anywhere else. Got it as a project but wondering if bit off more than I can chew , 

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 17:39

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Need to know

The evergreen Yamaha DT125 continues to offer new riders an enjoyable route into a life on two wheels
While that heady 14bhp may seem impressive to begin with, it won't take long to outgrow
  • Price: £3085.00
  • Year: 1993 - 2007
  • Top speed: 65mph
  • Engine capacity: 125cc
  • Power: 14bhp
  • Torque: 7lb ft
  • Weight: 122kg

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