Lexmoto ZSX (2013 - present)

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Lexmoto ZSX (2013 - present)


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I brought this motorcycle when it was 8 months old with 350 miles on the clock for the grand price of £700, silly money, i hadn't ridden since i was a teenager and having just turned 40 and wanting to try bikin Continue reading...
1500 on the road is cheaper than this computer I'm typing this on, a lot of bike for a medium amount of money, I'm using a lexmoto official dealer so warrenty is good for 2 years parts and labour, nice aggressi Continue reading...


Lexmoto ZSX! I've always wanted to get on a bike however cost always seemed to get in the way. With transport cost rocketing and doing the math I went for my CBT and really enjoyed it. Then the bike! Being 38 and large many scooters and bikes just made me look like a clown, and where not cheap. I passed my local dealer and had the Lexmoto range outside and had a look, brand new bikes with warranty for less then my yearly travel card. I done a lot if research on these bikes and was amazed to find out facts that just could not be ignored. 

I decided on the Lexmoto ZSX 125cc as it was the biggest looking bike and took my 14 year old son just for good measure on the honesty side ie do I look like a knob! I enjoy this bike so much it's made me want to do my full licence and go onto a bigger engine size. All I can say is if you want a well priced bike good warranty and good comfort then give this bike a try. My instructor took my bike for a ride and really enjoyed it, more then the training 125 Hondas that they use and it looks much bigger.

Posted: 30/05/2013 at 21:20

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