Triumph Thunderbird 1600 (2009 - )

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Triumph Thunderbird 1600 (2009 - )

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As soon as the new Thunderbird and I leave the motorway, life gets better. Since Barcelona the three-lane highway’s been under a moody ceiling of grey cloud, the new Thunderbird’s chrome flat without a few rays of sun to bring it alive. But as soon as we start the climb ...  Continue reading

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Can't fault the ride, comfort, mpg - and that sound from the short pipes!!! Have long haul seats, sissy bar, fog lights, Highway pegs. Looks and sound the business. Remove various parts as fancy takes for the ' Continue reading...
Unfortuneately for me the bad outweigh the good here. Bought mine in May 2011. Only done 3,500 miles. Most of which ive enjoyed. Having alot of problems and headache and if you look online with the coolant leak Continue reading...
Great! would buy another 1 anytime. I can see me hanging on to this bike for a verry long time Continue reading...
On its side stand just posing this bike looks awesome in its black paint, and beefy looks. Lifting it off of the stand it is very heavy and a bit daunting. However, the moment you move off all is forgotten. It Continue reading...
Absobloodylutely loving mine. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Does everything i want from it. Over 2000 miles in 3 months and no problems, she just keeps getting better. Ran through the winter with her o Continue reading...


Great bike,not happy when took it to main dealer for a service and was told Triumph have said the rear wheel bearing has to be stripped and greased as part of the annual service at an added cost to me approx £80 on top of the normal service cost,because it starts to squeek and groan if it is not done surely this is a fault that should be rectified by Triumph

Posted: 23/08/2012 at 14:24

 Hi there ,

              Bought a thunderbird 1600 in december 2011 new , now has 6500 kms on clock everything was going fine then 6 weeks ago speedo stopped working   and neutral light now stays on all the time has been in workshop under warranty for 6 weeks they cant find problem . They have replaced the computer , speedo and gear selection sensor with no result does anyone know of this happening and do you know of how to fix the problem .

     Thanks Jim      


Posted: 22/09/2012 at 01:43

had this problem on my thunderbird . it was because i ued jet was. i found it was electics or what ever it is under the side stand. i prayed acf 50 all over it and guess what a week later it all started to work again, if i use jet wash on bike same happens again

Posted: 08/04/2013 at 17:02

I have just joined this site and noticed your review I realise this is a bit late. I recently replaced the rear hub as the bearing was noisey, that was at 94,000 klm. The whole hub cost $114 which equates to 55 pounds. You can see I do a lot of bike trvel as my thunderbird is 2010 and it is now 30 Dec 2014, It seems to me that it pays to wait until the bearing needs to be replaced as the preventative maintenance recommended is not cost effective. hope this helps.

Posted: 30/12/2014 at 00:07

Like Tassie I have just came across this site and after reading all the problems I think I have been lucky as my thunderbird 1600 is a 2010 had it since new and has covered 35000 mile and never had any problems. Bike service done every 6000 mile and it is not cheap. Tyres last front 9000 and back 6 to 7000 mile.    

Posted: 30/12/2014 at 10:17


I've never had any issues with the wheel bearings on my 2010 Thunderbird either.
It's one of the best motorcycles I have owned and ridden. The "squeaking" you hear from the rear wheel is usually the drive belt. When it gets loose and out of adjustment it squeaks.  

Posted: 02/01/2015 at 19:31

Does anyone have a really good replacement tyre for this bike? something that is good in the wet as well as dry roads. Not overly concerned with tyre life within reason but standard tyres do feel a bit slippery in the wet.

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 04:06


Jet wash?

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 12:45

Following with interest, also had this problem.

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 11:50

see if you can get avon venoms had these on various machine a fantastic tyre in wet and they dont flat out 


Posted: 25/08/2015 at 14:34

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  • Price: £10100.00
  • Year: from 2009
  • Top speed: 115mph
  • Engine capacity: 1597cc
  • Power: 85bhp
  • Torque: 108lb ft
  • Weight: 308kg

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