Harley-Davidson Street Rod

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Harley-Davidson Street Rod

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Reviewed: by Visordown
Meet Street Rod, psycho son of V-Rod. Well, it is amazing how something as simple as footpegs and bars can transform a laid-back cruiser into a street-brawling bruiser. But then if Street Rod is psycho, V-Rod was always schizo. The V-Rod is the bike Harley launched in 2001 - a ...  Continue reading

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The Street Rod makes for an interesting ride -The conventional foot pegs are IMO a plus point, over the forward controls of the V-Rod.

The engine is a revelation and the example I rode had faultless fuelling and good power and torque.

The VSCR range was intended to wean bikers from other brands onto a more refined HD with performance to be proud of.

Let's be clear: this bike will NOT blow a sports bike into the weeds, in any situation other than perhaps with its great stability and composure off the line.

The long wheelbase is a boon at the traffic light GP!

That same wheelbase adds to the planted, but slow-witted handling on the open road - It does corner; just don't ask it to change direction in a hurry.

Street Rod has some nice detailing (I like the brake callipers!) and a real solidity.

As any with Harley the bike needs some after-market pipes, like 'Jordan' needs the tabloids.

The instruments were out of my sight line and on a free-revving machine like this: it is frustrating not to see the rev-counter centre stage.

Reckon that the designers were eating 'Star-Bursts' when selecting colours for the Street Rod: Orange and Lemon (Yellow!) being two prominent offerings.

These suit the bikes lines -oddly black wouldn't be the obvious choice for this bike's lines.

Overall an appealing bike and to those luddites that say 'Its not a proper Harley': Didn't they said that when fuel injection was introduced to the HD range....


Posted: 21/10/2009 at 14:39

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Need to know

Great motor, chunky looks and the Harley badge.
Some will argue it isn't a 'proper' Harley.
  • Price: £10995.00
  • Year: from 2005
  • Engine capacity: 1131cc
  • Power: 120bhp
  • Torque: 80lb ft
  • Weight: 281kg

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