Suzuki TL1000S (1997 - 2001)

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Suzuki TL1000S (1997 - 2001)
A TL is a workhorse of a classic, rather than a sunny day treat

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Reviewed: 5 June 1997 by Visordown
Suzuki’s mental V-twin quickly gained a reputation as a fearsome, tank-slapping, beast, instantly gifting it cult status. Is it a well-founded reputation? Click to read: 1997 Suzuki TL1000S Reputations. Once you get one it sticks firmer than chain lube to a rear wheel. Launched in 1997 the TL1000S quickly gained a reputation ...  Continue reading


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If you want a v twin that gives something different, then this is it. A future classic as todays bikes are looking more and more alike. Continue reading...
i love this bike buy one if you can take on the widowmaker Continue reading...
BANG for buck hard to beat. Continue reading...
Brilliantly capable machine that will surprise your mates on thier newer machines, loads of charachter and did I mention that glorious V twin engine? Continue reading...
I have been riding mine for 5 years, its the ideal bike and if you ride well there is no reason you cant keep up with any one on anything (unless you ride at more than 200km/h)

Handling rumours are wildly ex Continue reading...


It was a shame these bikes got such a bad rep because with less than a few hours in the shed and a £450 upgrade to the rear suspension its one hell of a bike, this upgrade should have been provided by suzuki in my opinion as the rotary unit on the rear was a crock of s*** . I love my TL and it's without a doubt the most fun bike I have ever ridden, wheelies are childs play, you can scrape the pegs if you're brave enough and the engine just produces loadsa torque at the right times. Leave yer modern sports machines in the garage and take one of these for a ride you will not regret it.  

Posted: 24/08/2010 at 11:08

I've owned my TLs for four years now and can't fault her, one of the last on an 02 plate (only 21 being registered in 2002). Never let me down in any way what so ever, starts on the first plug that gets a sniff of fuel never missing a beat right up to sixth gear with ya head down, arse up, a grin on me chops as big as the one when i first got laid !!! .Yes, in the bends it twitches like a cat with a banger up it''s arse, but then thats just one of the many ingredients that is supersports bikeing. Power, where do i begin ?. I'm not the heaviest of blokes weighing in at 11 stone and 5'ft 10" high making the TLs, for some one my size one of two things, either the scariest encounter in your life which will shit stain the back of your leathers only a nano second  before you piss stain the front of them, or, as in my case, find yourself chuckin your belly as far on the tank as you can in a futile and some what lame attempt to keep the front light from looking for pidgeons roosting in the fuckin trees !! Just on the throttle alone, slide your ass back in the seat, a flick of the clutch, kick in to second and so the roller coaster ride begins again, then when in third she becomes a bit taimer, it still rears up only this time she shows some mercey allowing your arms to remain attatched and in there sockets (just)!! with reguard to the claims surrounding tank slapping under heavy acceloration, IT'S ALL TRUE, my life changing moment brought home the reality of my being a mere mortal at 130 mph when traveling a route very well known to me, not a busy piece of road, and with a very long straight (2.5 miles approx) as i tootled along at around 120 mph i approached a car, positioned myselfready to glide past it, in doing so applied some throttle(i gave it a fist full) fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!? was my initial reaction whack whack slap slap ! lets just say i'm one lucky b@$!&%d ! that was the first of many .fuel wise don't expect econemy 100 mls to the tank with a hefty hand & 150mls if you drive like me mum ! no problems with the gear box or clutch though go easy with the wheelies as this can shorten clutch life as the gearbox oil ends up water proofing your driveway, be warned! Granted Vtwins arn't every ones cup of tea but unless you've owned one of these babys and gotten acquainted properly, it only shows the lack of skill in the rider that slags the TLs down ,i know my bike inside out , how it handles , yes, the rotory rear shockers are shite but set them properly and you'll be quite suprised just how good they can actully be, get some good sticky boots on her and bobs yer uncle . I used to love my in line 4's but now Vtwins  tick all the right boxes, and you save money on tyres as the front ones never on the floor . 9 out of 10 for this bike the only bad point is i can't find any where to fit the ashtray !!!!!!!!!

Posted: 12/01/2012 at 23:13

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Need to know

The widow-maker! Awesome reputation for thrills.
  • Price: £7999.00
  • Year: 1997 - 2001
  • Top speed: 165mph
  • Price new: 7999
  • Engine capacity: 996cc
  • Power: 125bhp
  • Torque: 76lb ft
  • Weight: 191kg
  • 0-60: 3.6 seconds

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