BMW R1200GS (2004 - 2012)

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BMW R1200GS (2004 - 2012)

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Reviewed: 25 June 2010 by Visordown
Clamber aboard the GS and the feeling of sheer, designed-in competence hits home within 100 feet of leaving the gas station. Where the Tiger and Varadero do well in spite of their design/size limitations the BMW plain old works. And while it looks odd, it doesn’t feel odd and this ...  Continue reading


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A nice reliable bike and good tourer to go any where. Go for the GSA if you are looking at touring as the range is a lot better. Opt for vario panniers unless you are touring off road as they hold more kit and Continue reading...
I've been riding for more than 40 years and many bikes in that time. This has to be the most complete bike I've ever ridden. Just off a 350km trip and it reinforces every positive feeling I have for this bike. Continue reading...
Superb, why did it take me so long to try one.Open your minds and see why so many people love them. Continue reading...
I love it!!
I would be happy riding this all day, knowing I would have a smile at the end of the day.
Cost is an issue, but they do hold their value pretty well.
There a lot out there, owned by "Sainsburys W Continue reading...
never before have I felt I dont want another new bike, I am happy with everything about this one.... the new "kettle" version will have to be good.. very good, to better this one. Continue reading...


just changed back to a GS from 53000 miles on a K1200R and a bit less on a GSXR1000. It's like putting a top quality walking boot on after top notch trainers, but I know I will get used to it and love it,and it will also retain its value like no other popular bike.

And I have never understood why people think it isn't a looker ,I like its brutal machinery look. Apparently the new one is supposed to be really good looking. Just compare ,they ain't that much different ! 

Posted: 26/02/2013 at 21:06

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Fast, fun, and makes you feel like you could ride to the other side of the planet, should the mood take you.
Far from pretty, and far from cheap too. Even second hand bikes hold their value.
  • Price: £10225.00
  • Year: 2004 - 2006
  • Top speed: 140mph
  • Engine capacity: 1170cc
  • Power: 98bhp
  • Torque: 85lb ft
  • Weight: 199kg

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