Michelin Power Pure

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Michelin Power Pure

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From Michelin: POWER PUREA dual-compound sport tire for exceptional handlingA structure directly inspired from the world of racing (materials, tread pattern) and a fun, nimble ride thanks to MICHELIN's Light Tire Technology (LTT).Even wear and life-long performance ability thanks to MICHELIN's latest-generation 2CT dual-compound technology.Two new versions: a new front tire ...  Continue reading

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We all know that different tyres suit different bikes, but there certainly isn't a better sports tyre out there for the '05 R6 than the Michelin Power Pure. In fact, I'd be very surprised if it was anything sh Continue reading...
Very nice tire indeed! Low mileage seems to be the only thing i don't apreciate on these babies!!! The bike i ride is a Yamaha R1 2011! Since it has lots of torque the low mileage is normal. Even tough i loved Continue reading...
For me it's a very good all-round tire, when it's time to change I'll definitely be changing to the latest Michelin Power Pure SC. Continue reading...
This was a very good tire. But a little bit slow on tip in and slightly wooden feel says there may be a better choice. Predictable wear and typical very high Michelin quality. Continue reading...


Unreal in the wet! Quite predicatable when it starts to slide in the dry too.


Posted: 31/01/2013 at 11:39

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