Michelin Power One

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Michelin Power One
The warm up is very impressive and happily, so is the level of feel, with a front-end feel not too dissimilar to Pirelli’s Diablo Supercorsa; plenty of warning when the front tyre screams enough and finally loses grip

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Reviewed: 24 July 2009 by Rob Hoyles
THE SCIENCE PART: A lot of work has gone on in Michelin’s lab to make the road version of the Power One warm up quickly, grip well in the dry and work over a wide range of temperatures with decent grip in the wet. The race version is less versatile ...  Continue reading

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Nice for the track. However, in ± 10 degrees C they turn into a horrible plasticky slippery hell. Almost highsided my face off several times. Not reccomended for colder times of year. Pirelli super corsa's however, are epic come rain, sleet or shine.

Posted: 31/01/2013 at 11:42

Couldnt agree more with you ryanvs. The power ones are only good when they warm up ( wich they do fairly quickly). Until they do be very carefull, especially in 1st gear from a standstill. Had a few scary moments on these tires and always during winter and when they were cold.

Posted: 04/02/2013 at 16:31

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