Michelin Pilot Activ

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Reviewed: 01 March 2014

Finally, a modern tyre for older bikes.

Great grip from cold and in the wet.
Good mileage.
Wet braking is superb.
The rear squares off.
I was looking for a new set of tyres for my GPZ500, and figured there must be something better than the BT45's I was using as a courier more than 10 years ago. Tyre technology has moved on massively in sports tyres over that period, for example.

A bit of research with fellow riders narrowed the choices to either the Michelin Activ or Avon Roadriders - nobody else has addressed the problem. As I ride all year round, opinion seemed to be swaying towards the Activ's for their wet performance, so I took a gamble.

The tyres cost me a third of what the bike did, but straight away I was impressed with the levels of grip available. A few miles of scrubbing them in and I was already scraping the pegs with full confidence.

After a few days I had to brake very heavily on a wet road, and whilst expecting the front to tuck at any second, the Activ's took it all in their stride, and never felt like doing anything unexpected.

The only fault I can find is that the rear has squared off after 5000 miles - although I use them for a city centre commute which is pretty much upright, traffic light GP stuff. Even now, after 6000 miles it still leans over without feeling like it's squared off. I'd say there is at least another 2-3000 miles left in the rear, and loads more on the front.

I shall be happily buying another set to replace them.
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Reviewed: 27 February 2014

Transformed my Diversion

My XJ600S Diversion came with some stiff old Macadams that spat me off on some diesel on the North Circular in the wet. They'd also felt nasty on any less than perfect surface - would follow the smallest seam or ridge like a needle caught in a record groove. Replaced the Macadams with Pilot Activs and the bike and my confidence in it as a relatively inexperienced rider thrown into a 50-mile all-weather commute were transformed. Performance in the wet - excellent, although I've only the Macadams to compare them to.
Can't think of any
Would I buy them again - certainly.
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There are 2 reader reviews

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