Dunlop Sportmax SportSmart

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Dunlop Sportmax SportSmart
For supersport and hypersport riders, the SportSmart is quite simply the tyre you’d design for yourself

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From Dunlop: Imagine you’ve just been given the chance to design your own sports tyre. What features would it have? Race-quality grip? Wet-roads predictability? Touring mileage? How about all three features in one tyre? That’s exactly what Dunlop has achieved in its dynamic new SportSmart.Multi-Tread gives you high mileage and the ...  Continue reading

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Good all round tire but but will probably give Diablo rosso 2's a try next Continue reading...
The best tyres I've ever used Continue reading...
Great can't fault the majority of times I'm using this tyres Continue reading...
I wouldnt have anything else (except for the new version). Continue reading...


I have these tyres fitted to my Triumph Daytona 955i - compared to the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's I had before there is no competition. The Dunlop's give a real confidence inspiring ride, the front is great, and if you decide to run a little less pressure in the tyres you get even better grip (this is their NTEC technology). I have completed around 4K kms, and the rear is now getting a little near the wear limit, but the front is still going strong.

The only negative point I have, is that my tyre fitter could not balance the front tyre - now I don't know if this is because of my wheel or the tyre, but he tried a couple of times to move the tyre on the rim to get the weight within spec, but he couldn't. This does induce a v. slight front wheel wobble, if you let go of the bars - I hope this was just this specific tyre and not all of them!

Posted: 29/06/2011 at 10:35

Yeah I liked my Sportsmarts on my Blade before it was sold. Very confident tyres. I have a new pair of Diablo Rosso Corsas on my Street Triple R as this was what they come with from the factory but I need to wear them down quick and get back onto Sportsmarts!

Posted: 19/09/2011 at 21:14

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