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Dunlop Sportmax GPR Alpha 10

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The fun of riding mid-size supersport machines is in trying to extract every bit of horsepower out of their high-revving engines and exploit their nimble handling to the max. It’s all about power-to-weight ratio and lean angle, so you want your tyres to be as light and sticky as possible.

If you demand the best possible performance from your bike both on the road and on the track then look no further, our GPR Alpha 10 is the tyre to have. Its light-weight construction reduces unsprung mass. Flicking your bike from side to side has never been easier and with the front tyres’ cross belt construction giving instant handling response, corner turn-in is smooth and progressive.

Newly developed compounds with reduced tread groove depth have greatly increased grip, but not to the expenses of wet performance. Because of a cleverly designed groove shape the Alpha 10 is able to shift more water than its predecessor. The rear tyre's JLB construction increases high-speed stability and traction, JBL also reduces stress in the tyres’ casing which limits excessive heat generation beneficial for consistency and long tread life.

Given the Alpha 10’s cornering talent and appetite for the track, Supermoto riders might want to try this tyre out as well! 

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