Hein Gericke Tourer Sheltex Jacket

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Hein Gericke Tourer Sheltex Jacket


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I've ridden in this through some of the worst rain we've had this year, flooded roads and everything. I've had my gore-tex gloves give up on me and my boots get decidedly moist through the stitching, but the ja Continue reading...


I bought my  Hein Gericke Tourer Sheltex Jacket about 3 months ago and since covered around 3000 miles with it thru torential rain in Scoltand, blizzards but not freezing weather yet. I have found it to be worth every penny. The storm collar is fidley at times simply because it folds round the neck to just below the ear and trying to move your arms that far with a thick jacket takes some doing but saying that, the storm collar works a treat. No need for scarfs or any fidley additional items. It is waterproof absolutely no doubt about that. The lighter colour jacket is a b**ch to keep clean but your are considerably more visable. The "seat strap" or "crack strap" as I like to call it is relatively embarrasing to use or show off but works better than the conventional zip to trousers units, no wind up the back at all. ( for those who don't know, it has an elasticated type strap that goes from the back of the jacket  under the crotch and clips onto the front of the jacket near the waist line.... a dodgy male thong type thing) but all that aside, I always use it as it is very affective. I think this jacket will be fairly effective in cold weather as I ride only with a t-shirt ( at lowest 7cel thus far) and felt snug and warm. The waterproof pockets are ok but I think condensation plays a role. I keep my phone in the inside pocket and it keeps dry. The double zip unit on the front is colour coded so you cannot get that wrong. I was skeptical about the durability of the zips as they seemed somewhat under size but since grown used to them and don't concern myself over it anymore. All in all, very very happy with it. Would buy one tomorrow again coupled with HG 2yr warrantee, happy days!!

Posted: 06/09/2011 at 19:44

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