Almax Immobiliser IV Uber

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Almax Immobiliser IV Uber

Manufacturer's Description

*Worlds toughest security chain!
*The only 19mm quadruple tempered security chain!
*Case hardened (not through hardened)
*Carbon manganese alloy steel enhanced with boron.
*Thatcham Approved.
*Impervious to hand bolt cropper attacks!
*Hacksaws useless!
*Zinc plated with gold passivation for maximum corrosion protection.
*Almax's long link system allows:-
-You to lock your chain off tight, stopping sledge, wedge and freeze attacks dead in their tracks!
-Multiple Almax chains to be secured with just the one lock!

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I use mine with a large Y-anchor embedded in my floor and fastened with the flagship Squire padlock. I am confident that this is not bolt croppable as the links are bloody huge and as a deterrent, you can't do Continue reading...


I've only just had a 2.5M Uber delivered (next day delivery) so until some low life tries to crop it I won't know how good it is. The links are huge and look really well finished, smooth with neat welds, so although it was expensive it looks like it is a quality item. It also manages to squeeze through the ground anchor!

The Almax makes the previous chain, which was  look like a charm bracelet.

Posted: 20/05/2011 at 22:06

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  • Price: £84.95
  • Disclock: N

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