Shoei XR-1100

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Shoei XR-1100


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Bought to replace my much loved XR1000 which eventually wore out despite constant servicing, same great fit & better visibility. but the updated aerodynamics are for a race rep rider and so cause more wind nois Continue reading...

I would not use it for commuting as its not as easy to use as a flip front, but if I want to take the Daytona for a run then I would struggle to find anything better.
You do pay for the quality though! Continue reading...
Good for sports bikes, not for nakeds Continue reading...
This helmet is the best helmet i have owned and shoei are still producing top quality value for money helmets. Continue reading...
To me a motorcycle helmet should be 1. safe, 2. comfortable & 3. quiet. This fits me excellently and is reported to be strong so 2 out of 3 aint bad, if it wernt for the fact this thing will make you deaf if y Continue reading...


I have quite a few different helmets and this one is the best by far. It is a great fit - snug yet comfortable and my glasses go on with no problems. I find it quieter than my other lids but, as has been mentioned, it gets a bit noisier with all the vents open which is, I guess, to be expected.
The wide view pinlock is brilliant - gives you loads of peripheral vision. We have tinted pinlocks fitted and because of their size it is as good as having a tinted visor. Removal of the visor is without doubt the best I have ever tried - it is so easy.It isn't cheap and that is probably the main criticism - but, as ever, you get what you pay for. I give it a 10 out of 10 as it does everything I need in a very lightweight package - But, as has been said before, try the helmets on as they are different shapes and you may not be a Shoei head! 

Posted: 13/11/2012 at 16:21

I have just purchased a Shoei XR1100 and I am dissapointed with the noise aspect of it.  It has more wind noise than my old TZ-R even though the fit around my neck and ears is better than the old one and worst of all is that the vents whistle whether they are closed or open.  It is so bad that I can still hear the whistle with ear plugs in and my wife thinks that I am deaf to start with!   I would return it if I could and would not buy another one!

Posted: 23/12/2013 at 23:32


Used this for a week while replacing my C3, its still a nice helmet but its not that quiet!

Daytime rides on the Daytona 5 stars

Grubby commutes 2 stars

Posted: Yesterday at 09:18

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