Shoei XR-1000

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Shoei XR-1000


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good helmet i would recomend Continue reading...

good, but could be the XR1100 . Continue reading...
A dear friend that I'll miss if I can't repair Continue reading...
Replaced an XR900 which was so much quieter at any speed. Despite being marketed as a superior helmet fit was not so good, had to BUY the next size cheek pads to obtain a good fit. Then I had to BUY a chin curt Continue reading...


This helmet feels alot lighter than my Shoei exceed that i looked to retire after my new purchase. But its not as quiet and not as plush as the exceed and i'm struggling to seal the visor. The helmet always seems have cold air in my face, with all the vents shut. I've stopped using it now and have gone back to my exceed. Perhaps i should have bought the X-Spirit 1 or 2. Once you buy a top range helmet, you have to remain at that level to not be disappointed with future purchases. I used this helmet on a Fireblade RR8 but it maybe fine on a more upright bike. I did find the XR-1000 very light and stable at speed though. Lightness is less tire-ing on the neck over a 3-4 hour ride.

Posted: 09/05/2011 at 08:29

i have had a shoei raid for sbout 6yrs and now bought an xr1000. I'm still not getting on with it even after 3months. yes its stable and light but i find it more difficult to keep my head tilted back far enough to give me good forward vision of the road ahead(suzuki sv sports bike), either the rear is deeper, ie the rear of the helmet is pressing against my jacket collar and stopping me tilt it back any further, or the top of the visor opening is lower so i have to tilt back more so its above my field of vision. I never had these problems with my old shoei raid.

You do know you can adjust the visor so it seals well against the rubber??

Just loosen and adjust the sides.

I dont have any problem with drafts except what comes up from underneath. Another grumble i have  is the visor seems thinner than my old raid was, so when closing the visor by the off-centered tab, the last bit before it shuts, the visor flexes to the side so you then have to then close the visor by pressing it in the middle. Maybe its a weight reducing idea but a thinner visor will flex more and thats annoying.

 It is a noisier helmet and anything over 60mph you really need earplugs. I tried a windstopper around the bottom of the helmet and that helped increase the noise-to-speed ratio by about 10-15%, its the wind that comes up below the ears/sides of the underneath of the helmet that  is the cause. They need to add flaps each side to stop this. 

Not sure why so many people rate this helmet, alot complain about noise but ppl seem to like it. 

Posted: 26/11/2011 at 23:31

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