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Reviewed: 15 August 2011

Nice looking, good fit with air pump to make it tighter and very quiet.

It has a little pump near the chin which you can inflate the cheek pads to make it tighter when you are going faster. Great for when you are on the motorway since it will keep it nice and firm for less movement and deflated for town so its comfortable. Graphics are just great and always gets great comments. Chin strap is good, once on you know it will be secure.
The visor does steam up quite easly and the condensation when you are in town is not great. The vetns are not fantasic on this modle since if feels like there is no air flowing though and it does get quite warm when you are not moving. with the vents open and closed you cannot really notice the diffrence.
Good helmet for the motorway and fast riding because of the pump and making it more secure and less prone to moving when you need it and is very secure and comfy when in town. with visor up there is no issues but when it gets warm there is a tendency of condensation which does annoy but thats the only thing that is wrong. Still a good buy and would recommend when using for long fast journeys since its comfy and stable.
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There are 1 reader reviews
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