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Steve Hannah
Reviewed: 28 May 2012

Comfortable, cool and different!

Cool in summer thanks to neoprene sections. Easy to put together and operate with gloved hands. Trousers are a good ergonomic fit, padding and armour all in the right places!
Neoprene isn't waterproof and riding in the rain can be uncomfortable. Jacket bag's a little at speed, but then when I got mine a 40 was the smallest available and I'm a 38 normally.
It's not the best suit in the world, but then ARC-ON's new range is much improved from this phase one 2 pc suit. I've owned mine for just over 2 years now, and although I can't comment on how well they hold together sliding down the Queens asphalt, I can tell you that I'm still as happy wearing them as the day I put them on possibly more so!
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There are 1 reader reviews
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