Caption that!: Scooter boys in town

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Posted: 29 October 2007
by Admin

Cadwell race 'will be safer in 2008' declare BSB officials

Caption that! is our weekly caption competition. There are no prizes but you can feel the warm glow of out-captioning everyone. And let's face it, that's better than winning a 42" plasma telly any day..

This week we've taken a pic of the flooded BSB riders, on scooters. So, what's going on and what are they saying?

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Niall Mackenzie

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Excuse me, yeah, coming through....yeah i kno mate.......yeah excuse me, excuse me......*beep beep*.....excuse me please, i need to get to the front....I'm a bit late.....*beep beep* excuse me....

Posted: 11/02/2008 at 00:36

quick everyone follow me

Posted: 11/02/2008 at 09:40

If you attack the queen, they will swarm!

Posted: 11/02/2008 at 10:21

Took me ages to get all the mirrors off for this malarky.

Posted: 11/02/2008 at 11:03

hey lads do you think my ass looks big on this bike?

Posted: 17/02/2008 at 11:11

and we'll still be able to beat the R6 cup lads around here on these things.

Posted: 17/02/2008 at 11:29

Right off to macky d's car park it is then.

Posted: 17/02/2008 at 11:38

Ducati successfully argue a capacity reduction for other BSB competitors.

Posted: 17/02/2008 at 13:57

"Mine's got blue LED's an' I've swapped the exhaust so it'll do 75mph..."

Posted: 23/02/2008 at 18:51

"MotoGP aint what it used to be now that the government put new restrictions on bikes"

Posted: 23/02/2008 at 20:45

"I thought it was a one tyre series not one size"

Posted: 24/02/2008 at 10:39

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