New kit from RST in 2013

Posted: 5 November 2012
by Niall Mackenzie

The Trac Tech Evo looks well fast
Knee slider changes made simples
A normal person (nearly)with the Pro Series suit for junior.

A chance meeting to Moto Direct last week let me gate crash their RST dealer presentations and get a sneaky peak at the comprehensive range of new products for 2013. The first item to catch my eye was the all new Trach Tech Evo boot. It has a new sole compound, redesigned protection with screw - on toe sliders and the still quite unique for boots, CE Approval. The fully perforated race version comes in every major colour and a fully waterproofed option is available, but only in black. Last year’s model was a runaway success (pun intended) with every pair being sold by April so needless to say stock orders will suitably adjusted this time.

Even if you don’t get any knee down action a nice pair of sliders can enhance most suits but pulling the grippy Velcro apart can be a pain. RST have solved this problem by adding a strong but discreet hoop on the base of the slider enabling you to easily whisk them off in a second. No fancy colours are available; only black or white or I suppose you can have one of each.

Another nice product that I think will fill a gap in the market is the junior size Pro Series CPX-C one piece race suit. Made mainly for 12 to 16 year olds (but will fit smaller females), this fully armoured race suit used by dozens of racers in the BSB paddock is perfect for your budding Casey or a youngster that loves to ride pillion. Complete 2013 range, dealers and prices is available at

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I hope the new track tech boots are better than the previous model! Mine leak water after 20 minutes. I had to remove the rubber backing from the right toe slider and pare it down as it sticks into your pinkie toe (a few others complained of this manufacturing fault) The soles have worn through after a year of mixed riding (about 10'000 miles) and the anti-torque around the ankles is flimsy and really just cosmetic! I for one wont be investing in another pair!

Posted: 05/11/2012 at 12:49

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