Dorna 600cc MotoGP plan forging ahead

Assen commission crucial to new Grand Prix series

By Mike Scott on Mon, 23 Jun 2008 - 10:06

THE CONTROVERSY of the plan to replace 250 two-strokes with 600cc four-strokes was a major talking point of the paddock, in anticipation of the next crucial GP Commission meeting at Assen.

The probable outcome is the adoption of a generic engine, specially made for the series, by whichever manufacturer (probably Honda) is willing to be appointed by the MSMA, the manufacturers’ association.

This will take the concept even further from Dorna chief Carmelo Ezpeleta’s insistence that the bikes will be prototypes, if only by virtue of having specially made chassis. Some suggest that World Championship status will necessarily be forfeited: the series will have to become an FIM Cup.

The form of the expected opposition from World Superbike promoters FG Sport has yet to be seen; while the FIM’s position is not fully clear.

Meanwhile, Ezpeleta’s outburst two weeks ago at Barcelona has enriched the language. The Dorna chief attempted the redefine the word “prototype” to include production-based engines, at the same time as insisting that current MotoGP bikes used production clutches and chains. This reporter suggests a new word to define the concept: Dornotype. It’s even better in Spanish: Dornotipo.

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