BSB 2012: Thruxton race results

The results from Superbikes and Supersport at the second round

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IAN Lowry and Josh Brookes took a win each at the second round of the British Superbike Championship at Thruxton.

With three laps remaining, Lowry suqeezed past leader Hill, his win was a first for Padgetts Honda.

Lowry said: "I sat behind Tommy for a while and it worked out well for me as I saw he started to struggle with five laps to go and I knew I could push then. It was awesome on the last lap as I knew I had a bit of space between me and Tommy and I think if it had been any less it could have been a completely different story. It was a massive thing for me to cross the line and that one was for Clive and the team."

Hill was once again robbed of a race win in race two. Josh Brookes clawed his way back from outside the top 10 on the first lap, to beating Hill to the top spot on the final lap.

Brookes said: "I got into a rhythm and I could see the leading group had a bit of a gap but I just concentrated and I didn't deliberately plan to wait until the last lap but that was the way it went and if it had finished a lap earlier it would have been a different result. It was a result for the team and I need to thank the Tyco Suzuki team for their efforts again this weekend."

Pirelli Racing Manager Jason Griffiths said tyre choice was critical in both races; “This was a tale of two tyres today. The SC2 harder rear tyre was the tyre of choice taking the win in both races. We were very satisfied with the performance and durability of the SC1 option [front] which remained competitive to the end of the 20 lap races. We congratulate the Padgetts team and Ian Lowry on their first BSB win and it’s fantastic for the series to have had three winners in three races.  

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, Thruxton, race one result:

  1. Ian Lowry (Padgetts Honda)
  2. Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) +2.794s
  3. Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) +13.136s
  4. Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki ) +13.566s
  5. Stuart Easton (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki ) +14.435s
  6. Michael Laverty (Samsung Honda) +18.433s
  7. Jon Kirkham (Samsung Honda) +18.473s
  8. Luca Scassa (Padgetts Honda) +19.867s
  9. James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) +24.609s
  10. Graeme Gowland (WFR Honda) +26.896s

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, Thruxton, race two result:

  1. Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki)
  2. Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) +0.664s
  3. Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) +1.443s
  4. Stuart Easton (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) +1.526s
  5. Ian Lowry (Padgetts Honda) +2.719s
  6. Luca Scassa (Padgetts Honda) +15.445s
  7. Jon Kirkham (Samsung Honda) +15.722s
  8. Alex Lowes (WFR Honda) +16.969s
  9. James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) +17.188s
  10. Noriyuki Haga (Swan Yamaha) +19.011s

Motorpoint British Supersport Championship protected by Datatag, Race One result:

  1. Glen Richards (Smiths (Gloucester) Racing Triumph)
  2. Sam Warren (Seton Tuning Yamaha) + 1.763s
  3. Ben Wilson (Gearlink Kawasaki) + 1.778s
  4. Jack Kennedy (MarTrain Yamaha) + 1.915s
  5. Luke Mossey (Smiths (Gloucester) Racing Triumph) +10.252s

Motorpoint British Supersport Championship protected by Datatag, Thruxton, Race Two result:

  1. Billy McConnell (Smiths (Gloucester) Racing Triumph)
  2. Jack Kennedy (Mar-Train Yamaha) +0.069s
  3. Glen Richards (Smiths (Gloucester) Racing Triumph) +0.288s
  4. Luke Mossey (Smiths (Gloucester) Racing Triumph) +2.388s
  5. Ben Wilson (Gearlink Kawasaki) +3.030s

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