New Honda sports bike imminent?

Could the much-anticipated V4 get an airing earlier than expected?

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Tue, 12/02/2013 - 18:08

HERE’S a strange one. Honda looks like it’s scheduled to reveal some sort of sports bike - at least to its American dealers – before the end of this month. But there’s no word on what it might be.

The news comes via the enlightening blog of Honda of Chattanooga which brought the heads-up on the imminent arrival of the CTX700 models last week. A day before the CTX launch on February 8, it revealed that Honda’s dealer intranet, Redline, was set to reveal a selection of new models the following morning, evidenced by a graphic from Redline that showed “Feb ’13” would feature the launches of three distinct model types. The icons reveal a tourer-style bike – which turned out to be the CTX700 – a naked cruiser-style machine (the CTX700N) and a fully-faired sports bike. That sports bike has yet to emerge.

The speculation that it could be an early release of the much-hyped MotoGP-replica V4 road bike is further fuelled by the fact that Honda president Takanobu Ito announced the V4’s existence last year at the same time as talking about a new development of the firm’s NC700 range that would appear in America in early 2013. That NC700 development has appeared as promised, in the form of the CTX models. Ito made no mention of when the V4 would emerge, saying only that the project had a green light, but it’s the only sports-style bike that’s confirmed as ‘coming soon’ from the firm that hasn’t already been shown.

Was the graphic showing a forthcoming sports bike wrong? Is there another sports bike coming soon that we don’t know about? Or is the V4 really that close to being ready? There’s only a couple of weeks of February left, so we’ll have an answer soon.

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