Forget 2012, it's time for the 2013 models

First of next year's machines launching this weekend

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Submitted by rgo on Wed, 18/01/2012 - 10:24

YOU might still be finishing 2011's mince pies but Victory is set to launch its first 2013 model this weekend.

Little more than a teaser video has been released so far about the machine. While based around the firm's existing 106 cubic inch 'Freedom' V-twin, it moves away from the firm's traditional cruiser/tourer field, instead becoming the first Victory-branded muscle bike.

The video shows a traditional round headlight where most Victory's have a more intricately-shaped lamp, a fuel tank that follows Victory's normal, heavily-sculpted style and what looks like a wide but small diameter (16-inch) front wheel. Oh, and the bars are relatively low for a Victory, too.

The bike will be revealed at this weekend's New York motorcycle show, with none other than Full Metal Jacket's 'Gunny' — R Lee Ermey — pulling the covers off. The firm will also show a custom version made by Zach (grandson of Arlen) Ness.

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