Is this the world's most aerodynamic motorcycle?

We take a look at Branko Lukic's bizarre design prototype

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Submitted by Visordown News on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 13:48

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Bet it's a right bastard in a crosswind...

THIS IS the nUCLEUS - an aerodynamic motorcycle designed and built by Branko Lukic.

Lukic is founder and partner of NONOBJECT, California based design studio. The company's aim is to create new and surprising design experiences for wide spectrum of industries - from consumer products, furniture, high technology, interior design, alternative fuel transportation to branding and user interaction experiences. Lukic said of his creation:

"The nUCLEUS is a motorcycle built on the antagonistic principle of 'square against air'. And yet, despite its unique appearance and apparent opposition to aerodynamic design, nUCLEUS ended up being surprisingly nimble. The square side-view hides the fact that these pieces of metal are simply... fierce blades that cut through air. nUCLEUS also boasts a thin comfortable saddle and horse-like behavior system - a new way to connect with your vehicle: it gets up on its hind legs in action, and rests down squarely while locked or at rest."

Visordown Motorcycle News

We reckon the front and rear shots are cool - what do you think?

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