Insurance firm no longer counting penalty points

Car insurance company's quote may ignore driving points

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Submitted by Visordown News on Mon, 21/05/2007 - 12:39

POINTS ON your licence may not be such a worry in the future if a car insurance company's recent move has anything to go by.

Swinton Insurance is no longer automatically counting penalty points towards insurance premium calculation,s because of the high number of drivers - more than 6 million - who now have points on their licence.

Paul Smith, founder of motoring group, said: "Clearly the Swinton announcement means that we are giving out fines and points to drivers at random. If we gave fines only to risky drivers then the risk would be clear in insurance company's crash statistics. The vast majority of licence points are for speeding offences detected by camera and it just goes to prove that speed camera fines are pointless."

Let's hope a motorcycle insurance firm follows suit, as clearly a move like this would make a lot of bikers very happy.

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