Government to target drug-taking road users

Alarming statistics show how young road users think it's OK to ride/drive after taking drugs

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"Right, where's the keys to my ZX-10"

ROAD USERS who take drugs and then drive or ride will be targeted in a new
£2million advertising campaign from the Government.

New figures have caused alarm after it was revealed that young people think
it is OK to get behind the wheel after taking drugs - but said that they
would never drink and drive.

The Department of Transport £2million TV, press and internet ad campaign
will warn motorists that: "drugs make you do stupid things".
Roads safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Driving after taking drugs is
just as dangerous as driving after drinking."

Heather Wood, from University College London, said a poll of 100
16-year-olds found many thought it "safe" to ride a motorbike after taking drugs. Morons.

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